"Our mission is to educate the whole child within the framework of Catholic beliefs."
- St. Peter Catholic School Mission

With the support of your charitable giving, generations of students can continue to benefit from outstanding academic programs, excellent extracurricular activities, and updated facilities. All these gifts stay within the local community to benefit current and future students.

 How Can I Give?

Donors may send monetary donations to St. Peter School at any time, or may prepare an endowment to be given to the school within a will.  Donors can designate a specific use for the donation if desired.  Contact the school office for more information as needed.

What Does My Gift Support?

It is common for parishioners or alumni to designate a specific use for a donation.  Some options inculde: scholarships for tution, gymnasium updates, library contributions, school field trips, and vocations. There are many options, but ultimately, the gifts benefit our students.

When Do I Give?

Donations and Endowments are accepted all year long!

How are Gifts Distributed?

Monetary gifts are specified within the school account according to the wishes of the donor. Tuition scholarships are awarded on an as needed basis, after approval through the financial assistance program, unless a donation is given to a specific family.