"Our mission is to educate the whole child within the framework of Catholic beliefs."
- St. Peter Catholic School Mission

St. Peter (Fulton)

Welcome to St. Peter School!  We are a parish-based stewardship school, educating PreK through eighth grade students.  Our focus is to educate our students in the Catholic faith and provide a rigorous academic education.  When you educate the "whole child,"  you cannot just look at grades and test scores.  You must examine the conscience and provide a path to discernment and reconciliation.  At St. Peter School, you will find staff members who lift children up in prayer.  They take time to teach virtues and values, helping students decipher whether their actions are moral and constructive, and set personal goals for improvement of self.  We strive to provide a safe learning environment and help students work together productively.

Our teachers receive ongoing education in the Catholic faith and professional development.  They work in collaborative groups to evaluate their effectiveness and ensure they are teaching the curriculum set by the Diocese of Jefferson City.  They work extra hours to help students reach their potential and meet student needs.  We are proud of our St. Peter Sfaff!

Being a stewardship school means we ALL put in time and talents to help our school succeed.  We have some of the most generous families and parish members you will ever find!  All of our school parents are members of Home and School, our parent association.  They work with committees to provide funding and opportunities for our school and their families.  The St. Peter Church parishioners work year-round to support the school and parish and volunteer in many capacities.  Everyone is welcome at St. Peter!

We invite you to join us for a weekday Mass or a tour of the school.  We love our school and hope you feel the joy of Christ when you enter!

- Mrs. Erin Polson, Principal

Catholic Schools Across Our Diocese Thrive

The school communities of the Diocese of Jefferson City are today’s servants of God. They accept the continuing mission of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the world and making disciples of all nations. The diocesan schools provide quality Catholic education in a Christ-like environment; guiding, enlightening, educating, and nurturing the children in their care.

In our diocese, an educational program is provided where students learn intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and aesthetic like skills and attitudes. Continual development of the students ultimate earthly and spiritual potential is the primary design.


Parish Resources

Parishioners purchase Scrip®, which directly supports students and programs at our school.

Our Diocese uses the VIRTUS training programs to ensure a safe environment that protects our children. All school parents are required to participate in the Virtus training program.