The Catholic Church's presence in Callaway County began in 1831

when Jesuits built two missions, one of which was in Fulton.


The first St. Peter Church was erected in 1875 on Nichols Street to permanently serve Catholics in Fulton. Originally, neighboring priests from Mexico and Jefferson City served the community's needs. In 1897, the Catholic population was given as 30 families with 143 souls declining in the early Twentieth Century to 10 families and 50 souls. St. Peter's priests began serving St. Jude Thaddeus in Mokane in 1924. Historically, they also provided religious education to Deaf students at the Missouri School for the Deaf and celebrated Mass on Sundays at the State Hospital.

Father William Baudendistel, who was appointed pastor in 1929, was described "as the priest who put Fulton on the map as far as Catholics are concerned." He told parishioners that the parish would not grow until a school was established. In August of 1934, Fr. William announced, "Through the kindness of Bishop Winkelmann, our parochial school will open by September 15th. All children living in the parish are expected to attend." With that declaration, St. Peter School became a reality with the aid of the Catholic Rural Life Conference. Property on Court Street was purchased to be used as the school and convent. Land on State Road Z was acquired and dedicated on April 7, 1951. Then, in 1956, St. Peter Parish moved to its present location and later expanded with additional classrooms and a multi-purpose building being constructed in 1995.

At this time, our parish has approximately 365 registered households. We have people from Auxvasse, Calwood, Fulton, Hatton, Holts Summit, Kingdom City, Millersburg, Mokane, New Bloomfield, Steedman, and Williamsburg in our parish family.



Priests Assigned to St. Peter Church

  • 1905: Rev. Joseph Gilfillan, First Appointed Pastor. He resided at the Catholic hospital in Jefferson City.
  • 1912: Rev. Joseph S. Hirner, First Resident Pastor
  • 1920: Rev. Arthur J. White
  • 1921: Rev. Patrick Canty
  • 1922: Rev. Joseph A. Murray
  • 1928: Rev. William H. Baudendistel
  • 1941: Rev. Erwin H. Figge, First Assistant Pastor
  • 1943: Rev. J. Homer Noser, Assistant Pastor
  • 1944: Rev. Lloyd A. Sullivan
  • 1948: Rev. William H. Thurmer, Assistant Pastor
  • 1948: Rev. John Dreisoermer
  • 1952: Rev. John A. Morse
  • 1956: Rev. Robert J. Arnold
  • 1956: Rev. Daniel S. Tarleton
  • 1962: Rev. Frank Simoni
  • 1968: Rev. Thomas Duggan
  • 1971: Rev. Robert J. Chenoweth
  • 1976: Rev. Frank Stangl
  • 1980: Rev. George J. Kramer
  • 1984: Rev. Russell Judge
  • 1992: Rev. Ignazio Medina
  • 1999: Rev. William Korte
  • 2003: Rev. P. Gregory Oligschlaeger
  • 2008: Rev. Karl Barmann, OSB
  • 2012: Rev. Frank Bussmann
  • 2017: Rev. Ron Kruel, served sacramentally upon Fr. Bussmann's death
  • 2018: Rev. Joseph Abah


St. Peter School

  • 1934 - 1969: Three Sisters from Most Precious Blood of O'Fallon staff the school
  • 1934: Student enrollment is 32
  • 1935: Gertrude Koenig Hockmeyer is the first eighth grade graduate
  • Originally there were school uniforms and segregated recesses between boys and girls
  • 1956: The school and parish move to current location on State Road Z
  • 1969: The Sisters of Mercy of Ballymahon county, Ireland staff the school
  • At that time the facilities housed four classrooms, a convent, cafeteria, and the church
  • 1992: Sisters of Christian Charity moved to the parish
  • The school is staffed by religious and lay faculty
  • 1990s: Highest enrollment numbered 160+ students
  • 1995: The need for more space was met with the addition of four classrooms and a multi-purpose building.
  • 199X: An addition was built onto Parish Center to serve as office space, library, meeting rooms, and rectory.